Plastica Marella issues limited-edition vinyl records and cassettes. It is not an independent record label however. The epitome of the unconventional, Plastica Marella publishes books on pre-printed paper and tales for narrators without words. Yet it is not a publisher. Autonomy is a non-existent flag for Plastica Marella and it rejects independence as fake and without meaning.  Plastica Marella is free from the constraints of fashion, culture, sounds and contemporary words and of everything that contradicts the above concept. Plastica Marella issues and distributes the missing links that help us to understand modernity, providing a constant flow between the distant past and the near future. Plastica Marella seeks to liven up the wait for the inevitable end, hurling itself into the chaos of ideas. Plastica Marella issues and distributes sounds that we listen to in a different kind of way.

Internazional distribution